Natural tanning tips

Some substances may help you get a better tan 

Until the late nineteenth century, porcelain skin was synonymous with nobility and elegance, while golden tanned skin was associated with humble (social and work) class origins.

Nowadays, aesthetic standards have totally reversed and a tanned complexion is often considered synonymous with vitality and beauty.

However, as for everything else, including suntan, it is good practice to avoid excesses, which can have negative effects both on your look and your health.

But why do people want to tan? Besides, is it possible to promote tan in a natural way?

Tanning is a physiological mechanism put in place by our skin to protect itself from UV radiation.

Melanin produced as a result of sun exposure is transferred to the upper layers of the epidermis, groped to “neutralise” the harmful effects of radiation.

The main consequence of this mechanism, visible from the outside, is the change in skin pigmentation, which gets darker.

The intensity of suntan can vary from person to person, depending on the phototype class they belong to (defined by a set of different physical characteristics):

  • phototype 1: red or light blond hair, milky white skin with freckles, blue or green eyes;
  • phototype 2: blond or light brown hair, fair skin sometimes with freckles, light eyes;
  • phtotype 3: medium light complexion though tending to a golden tone, brown hair and brown or light-coloured eyes;
  • phototype 4: medium dark skin, dark brown or black hair, brown or dark eyes;
  • phototype 5: dark, olive skin, dark eyes, black hair;
  • phototype 6: black people, with very dark skin and hair.

In order to get a proper and “healthy” suntan we must first have in mind which skin phototype class we belong to, so as not to create unrealistic expectations and impossible goals.

People belonging to the first two skin phototypes have difficulty getting tanned, they need more time to reach a golden tone and should always use high sunscreen to avoid unpleasant burns.

Diet, supplements and protection: the best combination for a perfect tan

Healthy skin is the first essential requirement for a bright and uniform tan.

Indeed, thinking to get a perfect tan by exposing oneself to the sun and without the necessary protections is wrong (and potentially harmful to health). Each type of skin is different and needs the right times to reach the desired “golden tan”.

Only darker skin phototypes can expose themselves immediately, using lower protective factors (and even in these cases one should be careful, not to encourage the onset of rashes or, even worse, melanomas).

Not to mention the fact that, being too many hours in the sun can cause unpleasant skin burning or cracking, which certainly do not benefit your appearance.

However, there are some rules that apply to everybody, to get a nice and long-lasting tan.

  • To better prepare your skin to the sun, you should consume, at least two months prior to sun exposure, a diet rich in beta-carotene, minerals and vitamins A, C and E. Go ahead to carrots, apricots, melons etc. Beta-carotene, contained in certain foods, is indeed a precursor of vitamin A, very useful for combating oxidative stress.
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water a day, to prevent excessive dehydration. Hydration is a key requirement to combat skin cracking and get a brighter tan.
  • Expose yourself gradually and always with sun protection products most suitable to your skin type. Better a mild and gradual browning, than a “lobster” effect resulting in a nasty burn.
  • The use of specific supplements can be extra help, to ensure all the useful nutrients and vitamins, especially in case of an improper diet. The most suitable natural supplements to “prepare your skin to sun exposure” are those containing herbs and nutrients useful for counteracting oxidative stress caused by UV rays (such as grape seeds, green tea, acerola, marigold, dog rose, manganese, zinc, copper, selenium and vitamins B2, C and E). A synergistic action (and therefore greater efficacy) can be guaranteed by the presence of copper, useful for promoting skin pigmentation, as well as iodine, zinc and vitamins A, B2, B3 and C, which promote skin wellness.

After helping the body from the inside to defend itself from UV rays, using proper sunscreens will facilitate obtaining a “sun-kissed skin” effect.


EMULSIOVIS 125 ml | Dr Giorgini

Despite all the recommendations, have you overexposed to sun-rays this year too? To batten down the hatches, and relieve your reddened skin, you can make use of a specific product such as Dr Giorgini EMULSIOVIS, a refreshing, calming lotion made from natural essential oils and herbs with emollient and soothing effects. This lotion is enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and allantoin, useful for fighting off skin ageing, caused by overexposure to sunlight. You can find this product here:

GREEN GUARANA 90 g tablets | Dr Giorgini

Finishing touches before the “bikini body challenge”? If you need a little push to regain your ideal weight, in addition to diet and some healthy exercise, you can try a specific supplement, like Dr Giorgini GREEN GUARANA: extract of guarana seeds has indeed been known and appreciated for centuries for its multiple properties. Thanks to its high caffeine content, it can exert a tonic effect useful for combating physical and mental fatigue. This plant can also support lipid metabolism and promote drainage of body fluids. Less tired and more toned, you will therefore be ready for the final sprint towards the “ideal weight”.

Physical activity can be beneficial, even during pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy

Unfortunately, today there is an increasing tendency to see and experience #pregnancy as a pathological condition.

Actually, this period of a woman’s life is an absolutely natural condition and as such should be lived, taking care of your body and what you eat   / /news/pregnancy/eating-during-pregnancy but without anxiety and excess.

Therefore, it is possible, actually advisable, to do some physical activity even during pregnancy (except in case of specific problems, for which you should seek the opinion of a specialist).

Indeed, exercising and practising sports helps expectant mothers to cope better with the nine months of gestation, mitigating the usual complaints that can occur in this period such as:

  • the feeling of heaviness in the legs;
  • excessive weight gain;
  • tired back (strengthening your muscles, especially paravertebral ones, helps your back support the weight of your growing “bump”).

Most suitable sports and rules to follow

Before beginning any exercise program, it is always good practice to ask the advice of your gynecologist, who will probably evaluate the need to do some tests, to get the full picture of the health condition of a pregnant woman.

Once your gynecologist has given the green light, those women who already practised physical activity before getting pregnant can continue it, but at a slower pace, even in the first trimester of pregnancy.

For other women, more sedentary, it is rather advisable to wait until the end of the first three months.

Exercises to do and avoid during pregnancy

Generally speaking, all physical activities are well recognised as being safe and beneficial, except for those that can expose you to the risks of falls or abdominal traumas (such as exercises involving “melee” activities).

The ideal is a light-to-moderate intensity activity, such as:

  • cycling or working out on a stationary bike;
  • walking;
  • practising yoga;
  • water activities.

Since the difficulties encountered by women in this period are mainly related to body mass gain, all anti-gravity activities (such as swimming or running on an underwater treadmill for example) are highly recommended.

As a matter of fact, weight is not felt as a problem under water and joints are less stressed as well.

In any case, we should always listen to the signals our body sends and stop the exercise (and consult a doctor) in case of:

  • dizziness;
  • increased risk for altered heartbeat;
  • severe fatigue;
  • bleeding.

During pregnancy, the body of a woman is faced with a growing need for nutrients, the more so if you practice sport.

When diet alone is not enough, you can make use of supplementation with specific products.

In this case, the most suitable supplements are those for containing vitamins, iron /catalogsearch/advanced/result/?name=steelvis and folic acid (this vitamin, in particular, is useful in pregnancy as it contributes to the growth of maternal tissues and takes part in the processes of cell division, affecting the development of the foetus).

Find out the range of cosmetics and supplements from Dr Giorgini with plants and nutrients useful during pregnancy and lactation. 

Why choose Dr Giorgini products.

Company Philosophy

Dr Giorgini founded his namesake company in 1977 as a simple herb shop. At that time, such shops used to sell only officinal herbs to brew infusions at home, using hot water.

It was then that he grasped the idea that preparing teas that you may take quickly with half a glass of water would be a great solution. He created ready-to-drink herbal tea concentrates.

From liquid preparations to tablets the step is short. This new “trend” gets appreciated and increasingly spreads the consumption of medicinal plants, even through imitating companies.

The innovative peculiarity is not so much the idea, as an evolved processing technique (the Alchemico®Spagyrico® method) which takes both the active principles of a plant (with physiological and/or nourishing activity) and life energy into account, to meet the purpose of performing truly total plant extractions.

The company philosophy revolves around the energy-of-life concept.

Starting from a selection of raw materials, which must comply with the usually required high quality standards and must not be exposed to radiations, and, continuing with the production chain, all those techniques that may reduce or destroy the energy of life still present in plants (e.g.: heat and pressure above the environmental range values, ultrasounds, microwaves, strong acids and bases …) are accurately avoided. This is the energy of sunlight “fixed” through chlorophyllian photosynthesis into plants. 


After graduating in Biology at the University of Bologna, Dr Giorgini devoted himself to the study of herbal medicine.

As he lived in the countryside, he started collecting herbs and, in 1977, opened an herb shop in Cervia. He called it Vis Medicatrix Naturae (The Healing Power of Nature).

At that time, herb shops used to sell only bulk herbs to make home herbal brews: it was the consumer who had to ask for “herbal teas ready to use”.

First, they were sold as powder, then as liquid extracts, and finally as beads, the famous “Veravis” beads.

The herb shop is located in a tourist place, so when consumers return to their city, they talk about this “new” fashion to their Herbalists and these begin to request ready-to-use herbs from Dr Giorgini. He works every day, including Saturdays and Sundays, occupying the entire house and its farm buildings.

After seven years he is at a crossroads: busy as he is preparing his products, he arrives at his shop increasingly later, even after closing time!

Dr Giorgini finally decides to buy a homestead nestled amidst the hills between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna and devotes himself to manufacturing. The location with no factories and plantations, 500 m above sea level and out in the open, is important as it allows collecting water from rain and dew, to be then used in manufacturing processes instead of the common deionised water, coming from waterworks and springs.

The Alchemico-Spagyrico ® extraction method

Dr Dr Giorgini’s Alchemico-Spagyrico® extraction method

The secret of the unique and unparalleled quality of Dr Giorgini’s method resides in a special extraction method, called Alchemico Spagyrico®, thought up by Dr Giorgini himself. Besides the whole phytocomplex of a plant, it allows extracting what the ancient alchemists called The Energy of Life or Universal Spirit.

This method consists of performing three successive extractions on the same original plants, the three extracts are then concentrated under vacuum and at a low temperature and therefore combined into a single extract, which preserves the Energy of Life and all the nutrients and active ingredients of the plant.

For this reason, the possible presence of resins and essential oils on the surface and/or sediments on the bottom of a liquid indicate the product good quality, as they represent the insoluble fraction of the phytocomplex. They are the evidence of the thorough extraction of all substances present in the plant. That is how you get the liquid and dry extracts used in Dr Giorgini’s products.

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Giorgini Dr Martino - English's photo.

Our bowel health can be challenged also in Summer time. Air jets from air conditioners, temperature swings between indoors and outdoors, change of habits and “improvised” diets on holiday are just a few elements that can favour an alteration of intestinal transit and some relevant complaints. Dr Giorgini BOMBAY CATECHU is a supplement specifically designed to give you a hand in these cases: catechu, in the formulation, may indeed have an astringent effect on the intestinal transit and exert a soothing action that promotes the proper functioning of the digestive system. The presence of lactic acid bacteria, finally, can facilitate intestinal flora rebalancing. For more information, please see the specific page on our website.

Melatonin: the “biological clock” that regulates sleep

Melatonin supplements with herbs and other nutrients: a natural sleep aid

Overwork, stress, sudden changes in habits, jet lag are just some of the factors that may affect our sleep-wake rhythms and cause difficulty sleeping.

Those who find it hard to sleep, or fear the consequences of jet lag after a long journey, can counteract the disturbance by taking melatonin supplements.

This substance help reduce the time required to fall asleep.

What is exactly melatonin? And how does it work? Let us look into it together.

Melatonin is a substance naturally produced by glands in the human body, which has the ability to regulate the sleep-wake cycle. For this reason, it can be considered a sort of biological clock of our body.

Its “soporific” effect is indeed used by the brain to indicate that it is time to sleep.

The melatonin produced by our body is regulated by light: light stimuli in fact inhibit its secretion.

Therefore, the amount of this substance in our body is minimal during day hours and highest at night, marking a peak in particular in the early morning from 2 to 4 a.m.

Herbs and vitamins that “enhance” melatonin activity

On the market, melatonin is generally provided pure or “fortified”, in the form of supplements in tablets or drops.

In the formulation of specific products that promote sleep, in fact, in addition to melatonin are sometimes herbs or other nutrients to ensure a synergistic effect and, therefore, greater effectiveness:

  • the presence of herbs like chamomile and passionflower can, for example, “enhance” the effect of melatonin, promoting relaxation and mental well-being;
  • magnesium may instead be a valuable support to maintain normal psychological functions and combat tiredness and fatigue;
  • some formulas are enriched with vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, B12, C and biotin, useful in promoting the normal functions of the nervous system.

For a beneficial action against jet-lag, it is advisable to take 1 mg of melatonin shortly before bedtime (to give your body the necessary time to assimilate the substance) and then continue consuming at least 0.5 mg of the substance every night, for a few days after arriving at your destination.

If in doubt regarding the frequency and timing of consumption, it is always advisable to seek advice from your trusted physician.

Are you planning a trip? Do you find it difficult to fall asleep? Choose among the wide range of Dr Giorgini melatonin supplements the one that most suits your needs!